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Ball Mill Options

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Jacketed Mill Cylinders

Jackets are provided with equally spaced baffles for positive circulation and to eliminate short-circuiting of heating or cooling medium.  Jackets are furnished complete with rotary unions.

Dual Flow Rotary Union

Jacket Piping

Dry Grinding

Requires a stationary Discharge Housing.  Our Full Discharge Housing encloses the entire Mill Cylinder- sealing at the Mill Trunnions; our Narrow Discharge Housing seals against machined bars welded to the Mill Cylinder, using spring loaded seals around the circumference of the Mill.

Full Discharge Housing

Narrow Discharge Housing

Drive Trains for Smaller Horsepower Equipment

Shaft Mounted Reducer Direct Connection

Shaft Mounted Reducer Sheaves & Belts

Drive Train for Larger Horsepower Equipment

Requirements:  Gear and pinion drive



Mill Linings: High Density Alumina Tongue & Groove Brick Lining

Lined Mill using 2” thick brick

Lined Grinding Door

Mill Linings: Natural Rubber

Rubber Lined Cylinder and Door Frame

Rubber Lining with Lifter Bars

Lifter Bars:  Provided in unlined steel, ceramic or rubber linings

Provided in unlined steel, ceramic or rubber linings.

Batch Mill with Lifter Bars

Continuous Mill with Lifter Bars

Motor Mounted Air Brakes

Provided for positioning & holding the mill cylinder with minimum shock loading to the drive train with an adjustable ‘soft start’.

Direct Connected Reducer with Air Brake

Sheaves & Belt Drive with Air Brake